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      The Iron Order Motorcycle Club originated in Jeffersonville, IN on July 4, 2004 by 8 strong willed men seeking a Brotherhood that only a Motorcycle Club can provide.  These bikers came from different backgrounds and walks of life.  They had a desire to share Brotherhood and socialize together as a group of men sharing a like mindset with the iron resolve to have a club of their own that would be under no one's control or direction.  It is fitting that our club anniversary is celebrated on the same day as our great country's Independence Day.

      In 2009 the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club was founded as the "Fort Pitt Crew."  We later decided on "Hot Metal Crew," to better reflect our connection to our steel city roots and culture. Living by the Iron Orders founding principles of law abiding, working class bikers who hold our connection to our brothers in the highest regard, we have been in the Pittsburgh area ever since. 


      Over the years we have seen our fair share of trials and tribulations, as any organization will inevitably experience. The true men of character and conviction among us have always stood strong to ensure the Iron Order's presence in south western Pennsylvania. We make no apologies for who we are and what we believe in.  We respect all clubs and support those that support us.  We are an independent and neutral Motorcycle Club, and we mind our own business.  We started that way and we will continue that way.  We run our club and chapter by the very same MC traditions established over 50 years ago by motorcycle clubs.  We are not 1%ers, nor are we a riding club and we are not a HOG chapter.  We are a three piece patch Motorcycle Club.  We believe in strong Brotherhood and live by “My Brother Before Me (MBBM);” our Brotherhood is like a family.


      We do not create problems for our community or fellow bikers.  We participate in charities that we feel will benefit our communities, such as fund raising for cancer awareness, veterans support groups or assisting underprivileged children.  We have also aided individual families devastated from house fires, illness or other disasters. We come from all walks of life.  We do not care what a man does for a living, as long as it is an honest living.  We do not care about the color of a man’s skin; it is what is in his heart that matters.  We are about motorcycles, Brotherhood, and enjoying the biker lifestyle.  We do so by our own way and by our own rules.

      The IOMC is completely independent and bound to no one.  We follow our own destiny, truly free from all other's rules and protocols.  This is the heritage of the IOMC. We are what we say we are, nothing more and nothing less.  If you are law abiding, desire strong Brotherhood and believe riding a motorcycle is not a solo event, maybe we are for you.  If you are looking for something other than what we stand for, then we are not for you and you should look elsewhere.  We are constantly asked, “What is the IOMC?”  Our reply is simple- read everything on our website and on our chapter’s websites, then come by and meet us, and decide for yourself what the IOMC is and if we are for you. 

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